Tuesday, September 28, 2010

30 Day Challenge

As I sit here in my room, wondering how I will make myself seem cool and awesome by using witty little remarks, I realize that most of us are getting kicked around and, just like me, are sick of it. I'm currently knee deep in debt, underweight, and my days are usually split between going to classes ... or working less than minimum wage at a bar.

So ... here is my first mission: Get in shape.

Why? Well the debt problem isn't going away anytime soon (College and the less-than-minimum-wage job are doing wonders to throw me even deeper) So I'm going to tackle my first problem: being too damn skinny.

There are two reasons:
1. I barely have money for food
2. I barely have time for sleep, let alone work out.

While I brainstorm on how I'm going to tackle this problem, I have decided to give myself a time limit. 30 days. That's right, each day I will try to do something positive (run? ... maybe) in order to get back into the amazing shape I used to be in. Countdown starts now.


  1. i'm practically in the same situation as you. except for the fact that i don't have a job, i'm trying to get through college with what little money i have. i'm also planning on running soon, so you have my support.

    i'll be sure to check back on your blog.

  2. same here man, feeling the struggle also. have a minimum paying job and im also in university, shit sucks.

    don't worry, things get better.

  3. sorry for the things that are happening but keep your head up

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    ill follow you if you follow me!